Storytelling Chairs

storytelling chair for storytellers at school

Story Telling Chairs are unique pieces of handcrafted furniture designed to inspire children with the joy of reading and listening to stories.

Ideal for use in school playgrounds and outdoor garden areas, our majestic story telling chairs and benches help to create a magical feel in your chosen environment and engage children with stories of wonder and adventure.

Schools are always looking for new ways to engage children with reading and story time, and using a striking outdoor focal point such as a storytelling chair is a very popular technique. Pupils can gather around a teacher storyteller like in the olden days of storytelling, or take it in turns to recite a story of their own while seated on the special throne. As our story telling chairs and benches can be used both indoors and outdoors, story time can be enjoyed in the playground or school garden, or in a special corner of the class room.

Story telling chairs come in different shapes and sizes, from a Mini Storytelling Chair - ideal for use in early years education - to the magnificent Giant Storytelling Chair that is full of the mystique and grandeur of the stories told from it. All our story telling chairs and benches are made to order using reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials, with natural oil finishes, making them healthy for children of all ages.

Engravings can be added free of charge, and we welcome your bespoke designs.

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